First Time Buyers: All you need to know about electronic cigarettes

E cigs are becoming more and more popular year on year. Many people have ditched their tobacco cigs for the new revolutionary device which is the electronic cigarette. However, some people are dubious to start vaping due to the concerns that have been raised in the media. I’m going to uncover everything you need to know about electronic cigarettes from how they work to what they do and everything in between.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are pretty much what they say they are – an electronic version of a traditional tobacco cigarette. They are battery powered (you can buy disposable or rechargeable ones) and when inhaled produce ‘smoke-like’ water & nicotine vapour. It is estimated that over 1.2 billion of us in the UK use or have used electronic cigarettes, these numbers are said to increase by 2015.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Once you have charged your battery and screwed on the cartridge or filled up the tank with e-liquid you are ready to vape. You simply inhale as you would an ordinary cigarette and ex hale. When inhaled the liquid nicotine is vaporised and absorbed through the mouth (this gives you the nicotine kick you crave). When you exhale you release vapour clouds that look very much like smoke but are in fact mostly water vapour.

Are ecigs safe to use?

There hasn’t been extensive research or regulation to prove that ecigs are 100% safe to use, however they are so much better for your health than smoking tobacco cigarettes. There is no flame or smoke with an e cig which means there are no harmful toxins or chemicals being inhaled or drifting in the air. Experts have said that if everyone who smokes made the substitute to the electronic kind then millions of lives would be saved. Unlike real cigarettes, Ecigs are 100% safe to use around other people who do not smoke or vape. The nicotine vapour that is inhaled and exhaled does not cause any health risks to others. They are safe to use indoors as they do not smell, nor do they pose any risks of starting a house fire.

Where can I buy ecigs?

You can buy cigarettes in some shops, off-licenses and online. The largest market for electronic cigarettes is online. I would say this is the most reliable place to purchase your ecigs as you can check reviews and recommendations on what products are good and what aren’t. You also have a more varied choice online rather than just one or two options in a shop. For more info on e cigs

Why start vaping?

People who vape have realised it has helped satisfy their nicotine cravings and their urge to smoke. They have also seen a dramatic decrease in the number of cigarettes they smoke per day and some have even quit smoking entirely.

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Why are e-cigs so effective

The market is pretty much full of quit smoking methods. Doctor surgeries are full of leaflets and advice on how and why to stop. Cigarette packaging is plastered with negative health problems associated with smoking. Nicotine patches, gum, spray, inhalators, pills… The options are endless. But why do so many people using these remedies find themselves back on the cigs? And why are e-cigs such an effective substitute? Being an ex-smoker myself, and having tried endless amounts of quit smoking material I’m going to delve into why I believe e-cigs are so effective.

1)      Cigarettes aren’t addictive – nicotine is

It’s not the smell, feel, or look of a cigarette that leads us to become addicts. The nicotine in a cigarette gives us that kick, that feeling of being alive, the feelings we crave so much with our morning coffee or after a hard day at work. Yes, the throat hitting smoke in a cigarette is something we maybe ‘crave’ but it’s solely the nicotine that makes us dependant. Inhaling a cigarette releases endorphins in our body that give us a buzz and a sense of wanting more. Things that we associate with cigarettes such as smoke, smell and taste can be something we crave but will not lead us to become addicted. It’s purely nicotine cravings that need to be satisfied to stop you from craving a cigarette; hence all the nicotine fuelled quit smoking products out there.

2)       Nicotine replacements won’t always help you quit smoking

I’m a prime example of this. Yes it’s the nicotine that turns us into addicts, but having a nicotine dose doesn’t always stop us from craving a cigarette. How many of us crave chocolate, sweets or fizzy drinks? It’s the sugar rush we get from these types of foods/drinks that cause us to crave more. But if we were to take a spoon full of sugar, I’m pretty sure we would still crave a sugary snack/drink and only a hand full of us would be satisfied. I think e cigs as a healthy substitute, just like a sugar free hot chocolate. You crave a hot chocolate but you opt for the healthier version and your cravings will be more satisfied than chewing on sugar grains or a cocoa bean.

3)      E-cigs aren’t marketed as being a quit smoking aid

Although this is primarily said because there is no scientific evidence that vaping helps you quit smoking, I also believe it has more psychological benefits behind it. When purchasing an ecig, only a hand few of us cut the cigarettes out from day one. Most of us use ecigs as a way of reducing the amount of real cigs we smoke. You’re not beating yourself up each time you smoke, however with an ecig you maybe find yourself feeling the need to smoke less. Cutting cold turkey is probably the worst way of quitting smoking. You have to have the will power and determination to cut out cigarettes, but it is inevitable that your body will eventually crave the thing you are adamant not to have. Vaping allows you to feel as though you are smoking but without consuming all the harmful toxins. It is a device you can use to slowly get off the real cigs without being harsh on yourself and quitting straight away. The idea is that over a period of time you will crave real cigarettes less and less; gradually cutting back and will eventually find that you won’t even want the real thing anymore.  After all the first few pulls are the most satisfying, and the rest of the cigarette you smoke because it’s there. E-cigs are more effective as you can pick them up and use them when and pretty much where you want. Not to mention all the health and monetary benefits associated with them opposed to the real thing.


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